Shedding the Past: Meaning of Finding a Snakeskin

I was exploring the woods at the back of our lot when I stumbled on something eyecatching—a snakeskin lying among the leaf litter.

The skin’s rough texture and intricate patterns encouraged my imagination—I couldn’t help but think of its spiritual significance.

This encounter has inspired me to explore the broader spiritual meaning of finding a snakeskin.

And so, here I am, producing this article on the topic so as to share my musings on the spiritual meaning of finding a snakeskin.

What do Snakes Represent?

The snake has been a subject of fascination and wonder for humans throughout history.

Snakes are creatures that embody both the mysteries of nature and the spiritual realm.

The way a snake moves, undulating across the ground, is a dance that symbolizes the rhythm of life and death.

a snake on a tree trunk or branch

Ancient cultures held the snake in high regard, as they saw it as a representation of healing and rebirth. Its ability to shed its skin and emerge anew was viewed as a metaphor for spiritual transformation.

However, snakes also inspire fear due to their venomous bite and unpredictable nature. It has been associated with temptation and deception, while also representing wisdom and intuition.

Shed Snakeskin: Emblem of Death

The sight of a snakeskin is a curious thing that often inspires mixed feelings of wonder and apprehension.

I’m sad to say, but finding a snakeskin can be taken as a representation of death. This is because the shed skin is a relic of the snake’s former self, a lifeless shell that it has shed to make way for new growth.

However, this act of shedding represents a transformative moment, a threshold between what was and what will be. Something old has died, but something new will live.

a shed snakeskin

A snakeskin appears as a mystical thing, intricately patterned with scales and texture that suggest the enigmatic forces of the universe. It is a reminder that life is an ever-evolving cycle of birth, growth, decay, and rebirth—it tells us: change is inevitable.

Thus, while finding a snakeskin may appear to symbolize death, it more accurately signifies a rebirth, a transformation, and new beginnings. It is a talisman of the ineffable powers that shape our lives, and a sign of the perpetual motion of existence.

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Rediscovering Lost Wisdom

The serpent has long been associated with the pursuit of forbidden knowledge—think of the story of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden.

Therefore, the snake’s shed skin is emblematic of lost wisdom, left to wither in obscurity, waiting to be rediscovered. And then along came you!

old books, dried flowers, and recipe ingredients in a glass jar

When one discovers a shed snakeskin, it can be interpreted as an omen that you will rediscover lost knowledge.

It might be a long-forgotten family secret, for example. Or, perhaps, a treasured recipe from a great-grandmother. Perhaps, you’ll stumble across an old photo album that has been tucked away in the attic for decades.

Who knows!

Is Somebody Laying a Trap?

Another possible meaning we associate with finding a shed snakeskin is actually a warning.

This is because snakes have long been associated with deception, and the shedding of its skin is like the laying of a trap.

To find a snakeskin, then, is to be made aware of intrigue and ambiguity, where the true nature of things is hidden and obscure.

iron trap

It may be a sign that someone is attempting to mislead you, to conceal their true intentions and motives. For as the serpent slithers and coils, so too do the forces of deception and duplicity, seeking to ensnare and mislead.

The shedding of the snakeskin is a reminder that things are not always what they seem, and that one must tread carefully in the world of the unknown.

The discovery of a shed snakeskin is a potent symbol of the enigmatic and mystical forces that shape our lives. It can be taken as a warning to be vigilant—question the motives of those around you, and to seek the truth amidst the shadows of deceit.

Powerful Protection Against Evil in Ancient Egypt

Finding a snake skin was a big deal in ancient Egypt because it had a special spiritual meaning.

The snake and its shed skin were connected to two important gods: Wadjet, the protective goddess, and Apep, a powerful deity representing chaos and evil.

Egyptians believed that finding and possessing snakeskin provided protection against Apep’s malevolent intentions.

It acted as a talisman, a special object imbued with the power to ward off the negative forces that Apep represented.

The Egyptians would wear or carry amulets made from snakeskin, considering them as tangible connections to the protective powers of Wadjet.

These amulets served as personal guardians, providing reassurance and a sense of safety in the face of negativity and chaos.

The Healing Symbolism of Snakeskin in Greek and Roman Mythology


In Greek and Roman mythology, finding a snakeskin held a specific and direct meaning related to healing and medicine.

The symbol of a serpent entwined on a staff, known as the Rod of Asclepius, was highly significant.

This symbol represented Asclepius, the god of healing and medicine in Greek mythology. It’s a recognizable emblem with a snake coiled around a staff.

Snakeskin, in this context, was believed to possess special properties associated with healing. It was thought to hold medicinal powers and was used in ancient medical practices.

The presence of snakeskin was seen as a sign of divine intervention and a connection to the healing abilities of Asclepius.

When someone found a snake skin in Greek or Roman mythology, it was seen as a positive sign, indicating a potential for healing and medical aid.

It represented the possibility of accessing the transformative and curative energies associated with snakes and the god Asclepius.

Spiritual Meaning of Finding a Snakeskin

The discovery of a discarded snakeskin is a many-sided affair that can provoke awe, wariness, and otherworldly contemplation.

The serpentine membrane embodies both life and death, the molting of the old to give way to the new, and signifies the roundabout journey of existence.

Finding a snakeskin is also an emblem of bygone sagacity, a harbinger that one may stumble upon occulted riches.

Nevertheless, uncovering a serpent’s shed skin can also portend a trap of duplicity and obscured motives, calling us to be on our guard and seek out the verity.

On the whole, encountering a snakeskin is an overpowering reminder of the inscrutable and ever-shifting powers that govern our fate.

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