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The Tarot Reading Yes or No – Best Interpretation? [Truth]

Whenever you do a tarot reading, often the answers are not definitive and you end up with many meanings and interpretations. But what if you have a question to which you want a simple “yes” or “no” answer? That is where a Tarot reading yes or no comes into play.

Yes/No tarot is the clearest way of getting an answer. It can help clarify your life circumstances and enable you to make the right decisions when you feel stuck. Yes/No tarot can give definite answers to certain questions. They are easy to interpret and help you gain important insights regarding your circumstances and dilemmas.

Tarot Reading Yes or No

What is The Spread of the Tarot Reading Yes or No?

Tarot spreads can be multi-card spreads, which are lengthy if you have questions that need specific answers. If you want a yes-no question answered, then you do a yes-no tarot divination.

Yes-No tarot divination is simple for beginners. It can help you determine the likely outcome of a specific situation. It is important to understand that no tarot card represents your fate or destiny. Thus, these cards are not necessarily pointing to something that will or won’t definitely happen. Instead, they give you indications of favourable or unfavourable conditions.

Yes-No tarot readings are easy and anyone without deep knowledge of tarot can also do them. Naturally, they won’t provide you with an in-depth analysis or finer details of certain situations, as other tarot spreads do.

Types of Questions Yes No Tarot Readings Answer

Questions that have yes or no answers – Do I, Can I, Will I, etc.

It cannot give answers to questions like When Will, What Will, How Will etc.

Interpreting yes or no tarot cards

How Do You Read Yes or No in Tarot?

If a tarot card is upright, the answer is yes. If it is reversed, it is no. If you plan to use a deck, make sure it has an equal number or a balanced mix of reversed and upright cards.

Most Ace (ace of wands, swords, cups, and pentacles) are yes cards.

The following Sword cards Three, Five, Six, Seven, Eight, Nine, Ten, and Knight are no cards.

Cups – Five, seven, and eight are no cards.

Pentacles – Five is a no-card.

Major Arcana –  Death, the Devil, the Tower, and the Moon are no cards.

If you are familiar with tarot and feel drawn to (or feel a strong connection to) particular cards, then you could consider those as your yes cards. If needed, go through the tarot card deck and select cards you feel drawn to. These will be your yes cards. Similarly, select some cards to be your “no” pile. A third pile of cards can represent “maybe”. To not change your mind later, write down the names of the cards you have selected for “yes”, “no, and “maybe”.

You can also use just three cards to represent yes, no, and maybe. If you feel three cards are not enough, use five or seven cards. It is important to use an odd number of cards, as using an even number would give you an indefinite answer.

Maybe cards or Neutral cards – four of Swords, four of Cups, and The Hermit and The Hanged Man of Major Arcana—are neutral, or maybe cards

Remember– all tarot readings are based on intuition. So don’t hesitate to be flexible.

Free Tarot Reading Yes or No

Preparing for The Tarot Reading Yes or No – How Do You Ask a Yes or No Question in Tarot?

Before any tarot reading, you must prepare for it.

Light some incense or candles

Relax, meditate, and get into the headspace of tarot reading.

Turn off your cell phone

Drawing One Card

Clearly visualize your situation

Formulate the question with a yes/no/maybe answer

Draw one card and interpret the meaning based on the above pointers on the yes/no card or use the general interpretation given below.

General Interpretation if You Cannot Use the Above Pointers

Cups – generally mean yes, except for five, seven, and eight, which are no cards.

Pentacles – means yes, but be prepared to put in some effort

Swords – means no– refer to the exceptions above.

Wands – means mostly no, but with some struggle/effort, can be made a “yes”

Major arcana – the situation is not within your control

Drawing Three Cards

Clearly visualize your situation

Formulate the question with a yes/no/maybe answer

Shuffle the cards. Spread the cards face down. You can arrange them in a line or a “fan” shape.

Focus on your question as you pull one card. You can ask the question aloud or in your mind.

Pull a card and place it on the left.

Again, focus on the question, repeat it aloud or in your mind, and pull a card. Place this in the centre.

For a third time, focus on the question, repeat it aloud or in your mind, and pull a card. Place this on the right side.

Turn over the cards and see what they are.


If you get a yes card three times, the answer to your yes/no question is yes.

If you get a yes card twice in the three readings, the outcome of the situation is yes/positive.

If you get a no card three times, the answer to your yes/no question is no.

If you pull a mix of no or maybe cards, then the outcome of your situation might be negative.

Drawing Thirteen Cards

Shuffle the cards

Create four piles of cards by drawing thirteen cards

Count the number of aces you have.


4 aces – yes

3 aces – maybe yes

2 – struggles/difficulties

1-0- no

The ending card on the pile will give you clarity about the variables.

Tarot Reading Yes or No

What To Do If you Need More Information

If you are still unclear or need more information about your situation, you can pull a second card. This card represents the following:

It could guide you regarding the action you need to take

It might shed light on the situation and bring more clarity

A word of caution – do not keep pulling cards. This will not solve anything and you simply might end up with the entire deck.

After The Reading

Whatever your situation, please continue the following practices after the Yes-No tarot reading:

Practice daily affirmations for your situation.

Keep a journal. You can write down the things you are grateful for.

Talk to someone. This can help bring more clarity.

It can also help refine the questions for your next tarot reading.

Cleanse The Cards for The Next Reading

Give your deck a “refreshing boost of energy” by:

Holding them briefly over incense.

Rubbing a piece of golden Citrine gem over them.

Store the card in a box lined with velvet for the next reading.

Yes or No Tarot Reading

Does Tarot Reading Yes or No Work?

Yes-No tarot readings are great tools to get answers to difficult situations or when you are at a crossroads. You might wonder where the answers come from and if it really works, and whether you should base your decisions on these readings.

To answer the question, – does yes-no taro work? let us understand the two theories behind the question – where do tarot answers come from?

Theory 1

This theory states that tarot answers come from the infinite, intelligent universe. If you are religious, then you could say that the answers come from God.

This intelligence/deity/God has wrapped up all the knowledge, the past, and the present in the fabric of the universe. Tarot helps us connect to that fabric and when you do a reading, it connects to that information and gives us the answer.

Theory 2

This theory believes that all tarot readings are simply a way of connecting to our intuition or subconscious mind. You already have all the answers inside you. Unfortunately, we are constantly bombarded with a lot of information, which filters out the messages that our subconscious mind is giving us.

Also, the subconscious mind is a mirror of the universe. This means that we are getting information and messages from the universe when we clear our minds to connect to the subconscious mind before a tarot reading. The tarot cards help us tap into our data reserves and help us discover and reinforce what we already know.

When Should You Read Tarot?

You can read the yes-no tarot spread anytime you are undergoing a hard time, such as heartache, having overwhelming thoughts or emotions, wanting the solution to an unresolved/unanswered question, or struggling to arrive at a decision.

However, some people also like to have a ritual for reading. Some examples are:

Reading on the first of every month

Every full moon

On New Year’s Day

On your birthday

Try Tarot Yes or No Free

Want to Try a Tarot Reading Yes or No Free?

If you are keen to see this in action, there are some Free online Tarot reading yes or no websites that we can recommend to click on the links below:

  • – These guys are the best we have found and really easy to use for a Tarot Reading Yes or No. They have a great interface and an ability to select an individual card which makes sense from a customised experience.
  • – ifate seems to be an older website and their interface is a little dated, however there are some very easy results from yes or no tarot questions to be asked from here so its worth a look.
  • – We tried evatarot out but wasn’t as impressed as the others. It has a beautiful interface, but the mechanics seemed to be really clunky which made for an interrupted experience.
  • – Again, a nice and simple yes or no tarot reading, but perhaps not as visually nice as the other sites we had tried.


Is Death a Yes or No Card?

If you pull the death card upright, the answer is yes. If you pull it reversed, the answer could be no.

In general, the death card is asking you to change or end something abruptly. This can seem unnerving but in reality, the death card symbolizes that you are moving forward on your journey.

Is The Empress a Yes or No Card?

The Empress card is a yes card. It represents motherhood, femininity, and fertility as well.

Is The High Priestess a Yes or No?

The High Priestess card means yes. It deals with intuition and tells you to believe in yourself. The card indicates that success will be yours.

Is The Lovers Card Yes or No?

The reversed Lovers card indicates that the answer to your yes/no question is no. If you pull the Lovers card upright, then the answer is yes.

Key Takeaways – What Does Yes/No Tarot Mean?

Yes/No Tarot is a way to obtain quick answers to specific questions by using tarot cards. It is a simplified method where the cards provide a yes or no response.

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