The Knight of Swords Meaning

Knight of Swords – What is The Knight of Swords Advice?

Over the centuries, Tarot has been misinterpreted, misunderstood, and feared as something occult. That isn’t true at all. Tarot cards are full of ancient wisdom. When used properly, they can be a tool of wisdom that can open up your mind. Every symbol is there to guide, teach, and give us information so we can achieve greater awareness. If you are wondering about the meaning or interpretation of the Knight of Swords, then this guide is for you. 

Here, we will talk about the message or advice the Knight of Swords is giving you and what the card means in love and relationships, as well as in finances, health, and career. We also have tips and practical application guidelines for each area.

Knight of Swords Tarot

What is the Knight of Swords?

Element – Air

Astrological Signs – Air signs like Libra, Gemini, and Aquarius

Card Description

The Knight of Swords depicts a gallant knight on a white horse, speeding or storming his way into a battle. His sword is raised, and he appears determined. You can see his innate energy radiating around him. 

When you look at the card, you might also see that the atmosphere around the knight is really windy. (If you see the other Knight cards, you might not see much movement, but the Knight of Swords card shows a gust of wind and a lot of movement.) this implies that the Knight of Swords is one of the most intense and driven knights in the tarot. He also has a lot of fascinating traits.

Since the suit of swords is connected to the element of air, all the cards in this suit are connected to the mind and how our intellect, thoughts, and beliefs function in our lives. The suit of swords is also connected to communication. 

The knight is ‘driving straight into the stormy wind’. Indicating that he is not afraid of challenges. In fact, the challenge seems to motivate him. The fast movement of the card shows us the knight’s speed and determination. 

The knight also has silver or steel wings and armour, which represent bravery, intellect, and clarity. The armour’s sharp edges represent the knight’s wit and biting tongue. 

The Knight of Swords is holding a sharp, gleaming sword that he has raised to ‘cut’ through any challenge or obstacle that arises in his path. This indicates his dedication to his mission. Above him are tumultuous clouds, which indicate that the knight may have been impulsive to some extent. He may have made decisions quickly and impulsively, not pausing to think about the consequences. 

Abstract Meaning of Knight of Swords

  • The Knight of Swords indicates great energy or movement in your life.
  • It also indicates winds of change- it could be new friends or relationships, a revolutionary change in routine, or a change of plans.
  • The context of the card (upright/reversed) will indicate whether this change is positive or negative.
  • Knight of Swords also indicates chance encounters or unexpected connections
  • If the card appears with Six of Cups – the knight represents the reappearance of an old lover, friend, or relative.
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Knight of Swords

Meaning of Upright Knight of Swords 

Keywords: Ambitious, action-oriented, driven to succeed, fast-thinking

An upright Knight of Swords indicates someone who is dynamic, quick-thinking, and intent-driven. It represents someone who is ready to conquer the world with their ideas. 

Here is a dashing knight on a dedicated mission, ready to charge the world with his ideas! All knights love to rush into adventure, but the Knight of Swords tops them all.

The upright Knight of Swords indicates someone who is pure and full of intellectual energy. He is intelligent, quick-witted, restless, and inventive. He is also articulate and logical, but sometimes to his own detriment. Such a person tends to discount intuitive guidance because it seems illogical or irrational to him.

Such a person may be a student or may work in advertising, computers, the music industry, or media. Whether it is acting or singing, these individuals keep it artistic and witty. No matter what they do, they go all out without brakes!

When you pull this card upright, it means the following:

  • You are filled with ideas and are on a mission to get them fulfilled.
  • You often take off on a project without thinking, and this could get you in trouble when the consequences catch up.
  • Many people probably admire you for these attributes.

Love And Relationships

If you’re wondering, ‘What is the Knight of Swords love situation’ – then it means that you rush into love with swift and determined energy. Your relationship is full late-night calls and days of starting new projects.

If the card represents your love interest, then the person is a go-getter. He/she is brimming with confidence and enthusiasm. This person is sure to bring a whirlwind of change into your romantic life.

If you are already in a relationship, then the Knight of Swords upright brings a period of intense communication and connection. Prepare to indulge in intellectual and honest conversations where you and your partner lay your feelings honestly out in the open. This will strengthen the bond between you two, but it may also expose some skeletons in the proverbial closet. It is up to you whether to forgive this person and move on or make some drastic changes to the relationship. 

If you are single, prepare to meet someone bold, dashing, and confident – someone who will give you a sense of purpose and sweep you off your feet. Prepare to engage in some intellectually stimulating conversation.


  • Embrace change
  • Prepare to match your lover/friend’s energy
  • Don’t be afraid of honest discussions
  • Exercise caution – do not rush into things without giving it a thought
  • Assess the situation. Determine if the new relationship aligns with your long-term goals.
  • The knight brings a lot of energy, but you must channel it wisely and build a strong and meaningful connection.
Knight of Swords Meaning

Finances and Career

If you draw this card upright while trying to assess your career path or financial goals, then it indicates that you are approaching your goals with swift determination. You are charging ahead with determination and purpose. Your quick thinking and purpose-driven intent will help you on this path, but there may be a few obstacles along the way too.

The Knight of Swords represents a major shift or change in your career or financial goals. You may be full of ideas about a new career or a business idea, and you may impulsively jump into it. Of course, the knight is encouraging you to move ahead with determination and without fear or doubt. He is telling you to be proactive and seize the opportunity. The card is an indication that you have the ability to navigate through obstacles and challenges. But you must also remain focused and watch out for pitfalls.


  • Be strategic and assertive
  • Assess your goals clearly.
  • Have a plan in place
  • Be open-minded to ideas and suggestions
  • Research thoroughly before making any financial investments
  • Face challenges with a sharp mind and clear focus

Remember: strategic and calculated risks combined with your intelligence, confidence, and determination will surely lead you to progress – be it in your career or financial advancements.


When the Knight of Swords appears in an upright position for a health reading, it means that you are determined to take action to improve your health or fitness goals. You have the motivation and the mental clarity to do what is required. The card is also encouraging you to move forward and is an indication that you are on the right track. If you are yet to start taking healthy measures, the card is cheering you on to move forward.

The upright Knight of Swords also means that you are about to recover from an illness, in case you’re suffering. However, some obstacles could arise along the way, which may require you to seek medical advice or professional help. At the same time, the card is telling you to trust your instincts and move forward.


  • Move forward with your health/fitness goals with determination and confidence.
  • Exercise regularly and be disciplined about treatments, medicines, and diet
  • Read up on everything you can about your health issue, and if needed, seek advice from a medical professional or a fitness trainer.
  • The Knight of Swords is also asking you to focus on mental health. This means reducing stress, meditating, exercising, and surrounding yourself with people who uplift you.
Knight of Swords

Meaning of Reversed Knight of Swords 

Keywords – passive, fearful, taking an easy route.

The reversed Knight of Swords represents a situation where the querent may be fanatical or may run out of steam soon. Consider this like the deranged football player rushing to the touchdown in the wrong direction.

Unfortunately, such a knight is seen as inept and ridiculous. You (or someone you know) are full of ‘hot air’ battling clouds and flailing at straw horses. You are also battle-worn and wounded. You are sitting on a runaway horse you cannot control and seem to have made decisions impulsively and without thought. 

Your rash behaviour and temper tantrums may result in pain and injury. The horse the knight is sitting on looks angrier when reversed. This indicates that you are trying to get away from something or may have gotten into the arena without advice or input from anyone. The reversed card also means that you are falling back instead of advancing and need to step back and assess the situation calmly.

The reversed card also means that action may be required in a situation, but not right away.

Love and Relationships

Are you wondering, “What does the knight of swords mean in love?” if it is reversed. The answer is that it indicates miscommunication, impulsive behaviour, conflicts, and haste. You are probably prone to falling in love at first sight, often with disastrous consequences. You are often blind to the shortcomings of the person.

If you have broken up with someone after a long relationship, please avoid rebound relationships, as they will bring nothing but pain. If you have met someone who you think is right for you, be careful- this person could be aggressive or a bully.


  • Step back and practise patience
  • Approach all relationships with a calm demeanour
  • Avoid unnecessary arguments
  • Resolve issues with understanding, empathy, and dialogue instead of impulsive actions.

Finances and Career

In finance and career, the reversed Knight of Swords indicates recklessness. The card may be warning you to proceed with caution and not rush into making career moves or financial investments.

The reversed card also indicates losses.


  • Practise caution
  • Be patient and avoid hasty actions
  • Have a well-thought-out strategy in place
  • Reassess your financial plans
  • If needed, seek advice 
  • Exercise patience in career advancements.
  • Safeguard against financial setbacks with prudent choices to ensure long-term stability.


The reversed Knight of Swords may indicate some health setbacks or hitting a weight plateau if you are looking to lose weight. The card is also asking you to prioritise your mental and physical well-being.


  • Seek medical treatment and advice, and practise it diligently.
  • If needed, get a second opinion – ask plenty of questions, and make informed decisions.
  • Slow down and unwind. Reduce stress using meditation and relaxation techniques.

What is The Knight of Swords Advice?

In the upright position, the Knight of Swords advises you to charge forward with determination and confidence. It is egging you on because you are brave, determined, and also have a sharp mind and quick wits. These qualities will surely help you achieve your goals. However, the card also cautions you to watch out for obstacles, keep your mind calm and clear, and tackle issues with honesty by using clear communication.

In its reversed position, the Knight of Swords card may be warning you against making impulsive or rash decisions. It is also asking you to be patient and reflect on your goals and plans. Its main advice is that you should seek help where needed and consider alternative approaches before making important decisions.

The Knight of Swords

Knight of Swords FAQ

1. What does the Knight of Swords represent in tarot?

  • The Knight of Swords represents action, ambition, and a swift pursuit of goals. It signifies a period of determination and assertiveness.

2. What does the Knight of Swords look like in most tarot decks?

  • Typically, the Knight of Swords is depicted as a knight in armor riding on a horse. He holds a sword and charges forward with great speed.

3. What does it mean when the Knight of Swords appears in a tarot reading?

  • When this card appears, it suggests that you may be facing a situation that requires immediate action or decision-making. It could also indicate a need for clear communication.

4. Is the Knight of Swords a positive or negative card in tarot?

  • The interpretation of tarot cards can vary, but the Knight of Swords is often seen as a card of determination and courage. It can be positive when you need to act swiftly but should be cautious about being impulsive.

5. What are the key attributes associated with the Knight of Swords?

  • Key attributes of this card include decisiveness, determination, assertiveness, quick thinking, and a strong desire for success.

6. Does the Knight of Swords have any reversed meanings in tarot?

  • Reversed, the Knight of Swords can represent recklessness, impulsivity, or hasty decisions. It may also suggest the need to slow down and consider the consequences of your actions.

7. How can I interpret the Knight of Swords in a love and relationship reading?

  • In a love reading, the Knight of Swords may indicate a period of intense communication or a need for more direct and open conversations with your partner. It could also signify a passionate and assertive approach to pursuing a romantic interest.

8. What does the Knight of Swords suggest in a career or work-related reading?

  • In a career reading, this card may suggest a period of ambition and determination to achieve your goals. It can also indicate the need for clear communication or assertiveness in the workplace.

9. How can I best work with the energy of the Knight of Swords?

  • To work with the energy of the Knight of Swords, stay focused on your goals, be clear in your communication, and avoid impulsive actions. Take time to think things through but don’t be afraid to pursue what you want with determination and courage.
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