Cicada Husk / Shell / Skin Meaning

I was outside doing some yard work when I noticed something strange stuck to the tree trunk.

At first, I thought it was a damaged piece of bark, but upon closer inspection, I realized it was an empty cicada husk.

It looked almost like something from another world with its glossy exterior and large eyes.

cicada exoskeleton on a flower

Curious, I reached out to touch it and was surprised by how tough it was—I had expected it to be quite brittle.

Although cicada shells like that can be quite common in the South, I couldn’t help but feel as though there might be some hidden meaning behind the experience.

So, in this article we’re going to look at the spiritual and symbolic meaning of cicada shells.

Traditional And Spiritual Beliefs Regarding Cicadas

Cicadas carry profound spiritual symbolism.

Representing the cycle of rebirth and renewal, they are a symbol of transformation—associated with abundance, groundedness in Mother Nature’s embrace, and an omen for good fortune in agriculture.

cicada on a plant stem

The cicada calls forth rain to guarantee healthier harvests as part of its grand cosmic song that speaks to nature’s rhythm; this timeless symphony embodies both life’s joyous beginning and poignant ending alike.

Specific Meaning Of A Cicada Shell

The significance of an empty cicada shell goes deeper than meets the eye.

An empty cicada husk can symbolize a transformation that has already taken place, and all its associated consequences—both those tangible and visible, as well as those which exist in a more spiritual sense.

cicada shell on a white background

Though it’s no longer complete (just a shed skin); discovering a cicada shell is nonetheless a message about the wholeness of life, the completion of cycles, and the entering into new, alive, cycles.

Cicada Shells And Late Summer / Early Fall

The cicada shell is a symbol strongly associated with the coming of harvesttime.

Time may come and go, but the memories created along with it will stay close in your heart.

If you ever find a cicada shell—that’s nature’s way of sending her wonderful blessing on the coming autumn!

cicada shell covered in spiderwebs

Even now, some believe, the gift of a cicada shell can suggest an abundant and joyous fall season ahead full of celebration with family.

So embrace this time; create timeless moments to treasure forever more—this year Thanksgiving is sure to be one filled with contentment.

End Of Cycles, Groundedness And Mother Earth

Mother Nature is an ever-changing tapestry of life and transformation.

What we leave behind, from cow manure to cicada shells, can have a purposeful ripple effect that enriches the soil for plants below.

cicada sitting on tree bark

The spiritual lesson here?

Nothing goes wasted in nature’s realm; instead each element contributes nourishment and energy towards new beginnings!

Cicada Shell – Transformation

When the cicada sheds its shell, it’s a beautiful reminder of transformation and possibility.

Bugs going through larval stages boldly take on their new form as an ode to personal growth! Symbolizing metamorphosis, these creatures have much more than just physical adaptations—they enable us to recognize our capacity for meaningful change.

The cicada shell is more than a mere sign of transformation, but instead serves as an eerie reminder. It speaks to the persistent yearning for what could have been—for that person or relationship we desperately wanted in our lives and held onto so dearly yet never found true resolution with.

green cicada

Even if it were possible to reconnect again someday, both individuals would not be who they once were before; too much had changed between them over time. Over time, like the cicada, you’ve learned to fly.

Heartbreak and other struggles often leave us feeling like there’s nothing left.

However, the cicada shell serves as a reminder that we can endure even life’s toughest challenges. What may feel like loss at first is actually an integral piece of our growth. Celebrate your resilience!

Hearing Cicadas Spiritual Meaning

The emergence of cicadas in cycles of 13 or 17 years may be seen as a divine rhythm or synchronization, symbolizing the order and design in the universe, reflecting God’s creative hand.

The emergence of cicadas in their cyclical patterns can be seen as a form of divine orchestration

By observing this phenomenon, some people find spiritual significance in the regularity and precision of the cicadas’ life cycles.

They interpret it as evidence of a greater power at work, symbolizing the order and design in the universe.

It’s like seeing the grandeur of a perfectly choreographed dance where every movement and step is carefully coordinated.

Cicadas – A Sign of Good Luck

Cicadas have been part of Japanese culture for centuries and are considered a symbol of good luck and fortune.

They are mentioned in ancient literature, such as the classic work “The Tale of Genji” written by Murasaki Shikibu in the 11th century.

Cicadas are also featured in traditional Japanese art forms like haiku poetry, where they are often portrayed as a seasonal symbol.

Cicadas have also found their way into various art forms in Japan. They are often depicted in traditional paintings, woodblock prints, and ceramics, showcasing their distinctive shape and colors.

Artists capture the essence of summer by including cicadas in their works, adding a touch of nostalgia and natural beauty.

The sound of cicadas is often used in movies, TV shows, and advertisements as an audio backdrop to evoke the feeling of summertime in Japan.

Cicadas in Relation to Supernatural Elements

In Japanese folklore, Tsukutsukubōshi is often depicted as a giant cicada-like creature or a supernatural being taking the form of a cicada.

It is known for its loud and incessant buzzing, which can be heard during the hottest days of summer.

The name “Tsukutsukubōshi” is derived from the onomatopoeic sound of the cicada’s buzzing.

According to some beliefs, Tsukutsukubōshi is considered a yokai, a class of supernatural creatures or monsters in Japanese folklore.

Yokai are known to possess various traits and abilities, and their nature can range from benevolent to mischievous or malevolent.

Tsukutsukubōshi, specifically, is often associated with bringing bad luck or acting as a messenger of the gods.

In some stories, Tsukutsukubōshi is believed to bring misfortune to those who hear its buzzing, especially if it is heard indoors.

It is said that this creature can even cause illness or death to individuals who encounter it.

As a result, some people may try to avoid or ward off the presence of Tsukutsukubōshi to protect themselves from potential harm.

Cicada Shell Spiritual Meaning: Conclusion

As cicada shells remind us, transformation is inevitable in life—we all leave something behind when we move forward.

Yet don’t be sad; with the leftover pieces of our past comes newfound growth and opportunities to create special memories with family!

Finding a cicada shell should signify that happy times are ahead as you celebrate new chapters together this harvest season.

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