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Dreaming Inside a Dream: Just a Glitch in the Matrix?

“Dreaming inside a dream” or “dreaming in a dream” refers to the experience of having a dream while already being in a dream state.

In this extraordinary experience, the dreamer finds themselves inside one dream scenario and then transitions into another dream, creating a layered dream sequence.

You know how sometimes when you’re fast asleep, you start having a dream about something, let’s say you fall asleep and find yourself dreaming about visiting your grandparents’ home.

In that dream, you go to their house and fall asleep again.

And within that second dream, you have a completely different experience.

This is an example of dreaming inside a dream.

It’s like entering a dream within a dream, and things can get pretty mind-boggling from there.

Here are some arguments regarding dreaming inside a dream.

Beyond Ordinary Consciousness


One interpretation of dreaming inside a dream is that it signifies the vastness of the subconscious mind and its ability to create intricate dreamscapes.

It highlights the complexity and depth of our inner thoughts, emotions, and desires.

Each dream layer may represent different aspects of our psyche, providing insights into our subconscious motivations and unresolved conflicts.

Dreaming inside a dream can also be seen as an invitation to explore the realms beyond ordinary consciousness.

It suggests the existence of deeper levels of awareness and hints at the potential for lucidity or conscious control within the dream state.

Lucid dreaming, where the dreamer becomes aware that they are dreaming and can actively participate in the dream, may sometimes occur inside a dream.

Multidimensional Awareness


When we have a dream inside a dream, it means our mind goes beyond the usual limits of time, space, and our senses.

It’s like entering a world where we can perceive more than what is possible when we are awake.

This connects to the idea that there are multiple dimensions or layers of existence beyond our physical reality.

Our usual reality is like the tip of the iceberg, but dreaming inside a dream allows us to glimpse what lies beneath the surface.

It’s as if there are hidden dimensions and realms that coexist alongside our physical world.

They might not be directly accessible to us in our waking state, but they are there, interconnected in a vast cosmic web.

Now, this might sound a bit exhilarating, but it’s not just some far-fetched idea.

Many spiritual traditions and beliefs actually embrace this concept of Multidimensional.

Hindu philosophy for example, acknowledges the existence of different planes of reality beyond the physical realm.

These dimensions are often described as Lokas or worlds, each with its own characteristics and beings.

They may operate on different frequencies or vibrations that are beyond what we can normally perceive.

When we dream inside a dream, it suggests that the dream state itself can be a doorway to these other dimensions.

So, dreaming inside a dream is like a little reminder that there’s so much more to reality than what meets our eye.

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Nature of Reality – Blurring Boundaries

Nature of Reality

Dreaming inside a dream raises important questions about the nature of reality and our own existence. It suggests that our waking lives might be like a dream, with us playing roles in a bigger story.

It’s like everything we experience and the world we see may be creations of a higher consciousness.

This blurs the line between what’s real and what’s not.

Imagine if our waking reality is actually just another layer of our consciousness, like a “Big Dream” we’re all caught up in.

And here’s the kicker: we’re not the ones pulling the strings. There’s a “Big Dreamer” above, orchestrating everything and making us play our roles like actors in a grand production.

That Big Dreamer could shape our experiences, control events, and determine our paths in life.

This raises important questions about free will, destiny, and whether we have any control over what happens in our life.

Are we simply puppets in a bigger play, or do we have the power to influence our life’s outcome?

And what if that “Big Dreamer” who seems to be pulling the strings in our life-like-dream reality is also a part of another dream?

Just like we have no control over the events and actions that unfold in our dreams, perhaps that “Big Dreamer” has no control over our lives either.

It’s like a chain of dreams within dreams, each layer governed by its own set of rules and dreamers.

So, in this perspective, the dreamer’s influence becomes limited, and we’re all essentially floating within an interconnected web of dreams.

Each dreamer has their own dream world to navigate, playing their roles, but without full control over the overarching dream.

It adds another layer of mystery and complexity to the whole idea of dreaming inside a dream.

The idea of dreaming inside a dream, with a dreamer caught in their own dream, sparks our imagination and reminds us that the mysteries of consciousness are vast and boundless.

Timelessness and Non-Linearity: Dreaming Inside a Dream

dreaming inside a dream

When we dream inside a dream our perception of time gets all mixed up. It’s like the boundaries between past, present, and future are overlapping.

In our regular waking lives, we tend to think of time as a straight line that moves from one moment to the next.

But when we dream inside a dream, we experience time in a different way.

A dream that feels like it lasted for hours or days may actually only take a few minutes in real time.

This shows us that time can be flexible and not as fixed as we think.

This idea of non-linear time connects with the concept of dreaming inside a dream because it challenges the way we understand reality.

It suggests that time is not just a sequence of events, but a more fluid and interconnected experience.

It’s like different moments from the past, present, and future can all happen at the same time.

We might find ourselves remembering things from the past, experiencing things from the present, and even catching glimpses of possible future events.

It’s as if time becomes a big jumble where everything is happening at once.

Conscious Creation


When we talk about dreaming inside a dream, it’s like entering a world within a world, where the power of our consciousness becomes evident.

It highlights our ability to consciously create and influence the dream environment, characters, events, and even the laws of physics that govern them.

In our everyday lives, we often think of the world around us as something external, separate from ourselves.

During these extraordinary dreams, we can become active participants in the process of creation.

We may find ourselves bending the fabric of the dream world to our will, defying gravity, altering the scenery, or summoning objects and people at our command.

This sense of conscious control within the dream within a dream reveals the profound connection between our consciousness and the dream reality.

Dreaming in a Dream – Biblical Perspective

jacob's ladder bible

The concept of a dreaming in a dream, or a multilayered dream, can draw parallels to the biblical story of Jacob’s ladder experience in Genesis 28:10-17, where Jacob saw a ladder extending from the earth to heaven, with angels ascending and descending on it.

This vision represents a connection between different realms, symbolizing divine communication and the interaction between the earthly and spiritual planes.

Similarly, when we consider the idea of a dreaming in a dream, we can perceive a connection between different levels of consciousness and perception.

Each dream layer represents a distinct reality or level of awareness, much like the rungs of Jacob’s ladder.

Heavenly Realms and Spiritual Dimensions

When we dream inside a dream, it can mean that there are special places and things beyond what we can see in the real world.

It’s like a secret world that only exists in our dreams.

The Bible tells us that there are these special places called heavenly realms and spiritual dimensions.

These heavenly realms and spiritual dimensions are like different levels or layers of existence that are connected to our world but we can’t usually see them.

They are part of a bigger and more amazing reality.

It’s like there’s a hidden world where God and other special beings live.

The Bible teaches us that God is a special being who created everything, including these spiritual realms.

It also tells stories of people who saw angels or had visions of these heavenly places.

The biblical understanding of a spiritual reality that transcends the physical world highlights the belief that there is a greater purpose and meaning to our existence.

It encourages us to seek a deeper connection with God and the spiritual realm, recognizing that our lives are not confined to the physical realm alone.

Dreaming in a Dream – What Islam Says

Dreaming in a Dream - What Islam Says

Dreaming inside a dream demonstrates the “qudrah”.

In Islam, the concept of “qudrah” refers to the immense power and ability of Allah (God).

When we talk about dreaming inside a dream, it highlights the notion that Allah has the power to create multiple dream realities within the subconscious mind of the dreamer.

Just like how Allah created the universe and everything within it, he also has the power to shape and control the experiences we have in our dreams.

When we dream inside a dream, it signifies that Allah can create layers of dreams, each with its own unique storyline, characters, and events.

This showcases also showcases his ability to manifest different realities within our own minds.

It’s a reminder that Allah is the ultimate Creator and has full control over the world of dreams.

He can make our dreams feel so vivid and real, even to the point where we find ourselves dreaming within a dream.

A dream Within a Dream – Psychological Angle

A dream Within a Dream - Psychological Angle

In psychological contexts, a dream within a dream shows that the dreamer’s cognitive processes are flexible enough to create and experience dreams within the dream state.

Cognitive flexibility refers to the ability to adapt and shift one's thinking in response to changing circumstances or demands.

In the context of dreams within dreams, the concept of cognitive flexibility can be applied.

Dreams inside a dream can be seen as a metaphorical representation of the mind’s ability to generate and navigate multiple layers of reality or consciousness.

Engaging with multilayered dreams may stimulate creative thinking, problem-solving skills, and the ability to adapt to new situations.

I Realized I was dreaming in My Dream

Metacognitive Awareness: Realizing that you are dreaming within a dream indicates a level of metacognitive awareness, which refers to the ability to reflect upon and monitor one’s own mental processes. It suggests that you possess a heightened self-awareness during the dream state.

Reflective Thinking: Realizing you are dreaming in a dream may indicate the presence of reflective thinking, where you engage in introspection and analyze the nature of the dream environment. This reflective process can promote self-exploration, insight, and personal growth.

Mindfulness Practice: For individuals who practice mindfulness or meditation, the ability to recognize the dream state within a dream can be seen as an extension of their mindfulness skills. These individuals may be more attuned to their present experiences, including the dream state, and have an increased capacity for self-awareness.

Greater Control Over Dreams: The recognition of being in a dream can empower the dreamer with a sense of control over the dream narrative, allowing them to influence or direct the dream content according to their preferences or desires.

Waking up in a Dream but Still Dreaming

Waking up in a Dream but Still Dreaming

The phenomenon of waking up in a dream but still dreaming might suggest that you possess the ability to manipulate and shape dream environments consciously, functioning as a dream architect who can navigate and control the dream world.

The idea of being a dream architect implies a heightened level of consciousness and control within the dream state.

As a dream architect, you have the freedom to unleash your imagination and creativity in the dream realm.

The concept of being a dream architect may also suggest that the way you shape and navigate dreams mirrors your approach to life.

Just as you have the power to design dream environments, you may possess a similar inclination in your waking life to actively shape and create your reality.

It reflects an innate ability to manifest your desires, make intentional choices, and transform your surroundings.

As a dream architect, there may be a sense of responsibility that comes with the power to shape dreams.

It raises ethical considerations about the impact of your dream manipulations on yourself and others who may be part of your dream experiences.

This makes you reflect on the possible outcomes and consequences of what you do in your dreams.


In conclusion, dreaming inside a dream is a captivating and mysterious phenomenon where a dreamer experience multiple layers of dreams while asleep.

This extraordinary experience can have psychological, spiritual, and metaphysical implications, showcasing the complexity of the human mind and its capacity for creative exploration.

By delving into these dream layers, we may gain deeper insights into our subconscious and the vast realms of consciousness that lie within us.

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